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Friday, 26 July 2024
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
0700-1700 Registration (Level 3 Centre Core Registration Counter)
  Grand Ballroom
0800-0945 NRR Presentation
Chair: NRR team - Kah Mean THONG &
Lai Seong HOOI / Sunita BAVANANDAN / NRR team
0945-1015 Opening Ceremony
1015-1100 COFFEE BREAK  (Banquet Hall)
MSN Ignite (PFIZER) ABC of Pneumococcal Infections and Vaccination in Patients with CKDRosnawati YAHYA
  Grand Ballroom Conference Hall 2 Conference Hall 1
State of the Art Symposium 1
Cardio Renal Metabolic Continuum Chair: Chong Men LEONG &
ESKD - related Issues  Chair: Ruslinda MUSTAFAR &
Wan Zul Haikal Hafiz WAN ZUKIMAN
General Nephrology 1
Glomerular Disease 1 Chair: Wan Hazlina WAN MOHAMAD &
Chen Au PEH
1100-1120 Gaining Weight but Losing the Kidney Rohana ABDUL GHANI Hepatitis C: Addressing the Unmet NeedsRosmawati MOHAMED Proteinuria in Children and Adolescent Selva Kumar SIVAPUNNIAM
1120-1140 The Cardio-Kidney-Metabolic Syndrome in CKD Care Sydney TANG CKD-MBD: Never Ending Challenges! Fariz Safhan MOHAMAD NOR Managing Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome Christopher Thiam Seong LIM
1140-1200 Addressing Diabetes Care in CKD Treatment GapsBak Leong GOH Nutritional Management in Dialysis PatientsZulfitri Azuan MAT DAUD KDIGO 2024 Lupus Nephritis - What is New?Kah Mean THONG
1200-1215 Q & A Q & A Q & A
Lunch Symposium 1
AstraZeneca ‘The PAST’: Historical Treatment Options for Hyperkalaemia Management and Unmet NeedsAzmee MOHD GHAZI ‘The PRESENT And The FUTURE’: LOKELMA− Avant-Garde of Hyperkalaemia ManagementVijaya B RAMASAMY
Lunch Symposium 2
BAYER Finerenone: Spotlighting a Pillar in Managing Residual Risk for Chronic Kidney Disease in Type 2 DiabetesSydney TANG, Soo Kun LIM
Lunch Symposium 3
BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM Riding the Renal Wave - Breakthrough in Early CKDShiong Shiong YEW Reclaiming Time - Implication of CKD on HealthcareSee Cheng YEO
1315-1415 Friday Prayer
  Grand Ballroom
Plenary 1:
Breaking Boundaries in Nephrology Using Sustainable Green Technologies Chair: Lily MUSHAHAR Vivekanand JHA
1500-1545 COFFEE BREAK  (Banquet Hall)
MSN Ignite (ASTRAZENECA) Complement Dysregulation in aHUS : From Diagnosis to ManagementKarmila ABU BAKAR
  Grand Ballroom Conference Hall 2 Conference Hall 1
State of the Art Symposium 2
Glomerular Disease 2 Chair: Rosnawati YAHYA &
Kah Mean THONG
Innovations Transforming Dialysis Care Chair: Yusuf ABU SHAMSI &
General Nephrology 2
Interventional Nephrology / POCUS Chair: Wan Hazlina WAN MOHAMAD &
Vinoth Kasi Rajan ATHMALINGAM
1545-1605 Advances in Treatment of IgA NephropathyAdrian LIEW Vaccinations for Dialysis PatientsWan Ahmad Hafiz WAN MD ADNAN Dialysis Catheter Dysfunction - What Would an Interventional Nephrologist Do? Wan Zul Haikal Hafiz WAN ZUKIMAN
1605-1625 Personalised Treatment of Anti-PLA2R Membranous GlomerulonephritisVivekanand JHA Dialysis Centre - From Machinery to GreeneryEason CHANG The 5th Pillar of Clinical Examination - Insonation in Nephrology Practice Suryati YAKOB
1625-1645 Role of Plasma Exchanges in GlomerulonephritisSoo Kun LIM Haemodiafiltration - Is It Ready for the Main Stage? Peter KOTANKO Creation of AVF in Patients with "No Suitable Veins" and Paediatric Groups Angamuthu RAJOO
1645-1700 Q&A Q&A Q &A
Tea Symposium 1
ABBOTT Hypertension: Striking the right balance between BP reduction and protectionEng Khim NG
1800 - 2100 FACULTY DINNER (By Invitation)
Venue: TBC
Saturday, 27 July 2024
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
0700-1700 Registration (Level 3 Centre Core Registration Counter)
  Grand Ballroom
Plenary 2:
Chair: Fariz Safhan MOHAMAD NOR Artificial Intelligence in Kidney Care or Health Care Peter KOTANKO
Plenary 3:
Chair: Fariz Safhan MOHAMAD NOR CKD Care: Promising Advancement in the New Era Sunita BAVANANDAN
0930-1015 COFFEE BREAK  (Banquet Hall)
MSN Ignite (BAXTER) If I can, YOU CAN! - A true story from home dialysis patientRaihana ROSMAN “Personalized PD care in the modern world ”Alexander Kok Yip CHOW
  Grand Ballroom Conference Hall 2 Conference Hall 1
Concurrent NRR Workshop*
State of the Art Symposium 3
Insights on Kidney Transplant  Chair: Esther Zhao Zhi TAN &
Critical Care Nephrology Chair: Fariz Safhan MOHAMAD NOR &
Soo Kun LIM
General Nephrology 3
Conservative Non Dialysis Care Chair: Rashidi SAIDIN &
Christopher Thiam Seong LIM
1015-1035 Precision Medicine in Donor-Recipient Compatibility Evaluation Maisarah JALALONMUHALI Fluid Dynamic in Critical Care SettingsNurul Zaynah NORDIN Non-Dialysis Care: Who Needs It and How? Nor Fadhlina ZAKARIA
1035-1055 Antibody-Mediated Rejection: Can We Do Better?Rosnawati YAHYA The Evolution of Kidney Replacement Therapy in Critical Care Ruslinda MUSTAFAR Addressing Non-Physical Symptoms in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease Benjamin Wei Wang TAN
1055-1115 Approach to Latent TB in Transplant Recepient Mohamad Zaimi ABDUL WAHAB Understanding Nutrients and Micronutrients Loss During CKRTNuttha LUMLERTGUL Bridging the Gap Between Renal Palliative Care: Evidence and Clinical Application Rafidah ABDULLAH
1115-1130 Q&A Q&A Q&A
1130-1300 Oral/Poster Presentation 1
Poster Presentation (Poster Kiosk)
Oral/Poster Presentation 2
Poster Presentation (Poster Kiosk)
Oral/Poster Presentation 3
Poster Presentation (Poster Kiosk)
Lunch Symposium 4
NOVO NORDISKFlowing with Semaglutide in CKD – The New Pillar On The BlockVijaya B RAMASAMY The Balancing Act between 2 Hs’Yok Wai CHOW
Lunch Symposium 5
ASTRAZENECAWeathering the CKD Storm : Expert Strategies in Managing CKD & its Complexities.Kenneth Koah Kien LAI
Lunch Symposium 6
NOVARTISHF & CKD: A wake up call in cardiorenal syndrome The Heart Failure and Renal ConundrumWan Azman WAN AHMAD Case Discussion: Protecting the Kidneys in the Face of Improving HF OutcomesWan Ahmad Hafiz WAN MD ADNAN
Concurrent NRR Workshop**
State of the Art Symposium 4
Peritoneal Dialysis Chair: Benjamin Wei Wang TAN &
Common Challenges In Day-to-Day Haemodialysis Care Chair: Wan Ahmad Hafiz WAN MD ADNAN &
Chong Men LEONG
General Nephrology 4
The Young Nephrologists As Our Future Leaders Chair: Chek Loong LOH
1400-1420 Adapting the Peritoneal Dialysis Prescription to the Individual Patient Lily MUSHAHAR Common But Confusing - Blood Pressure Management Nor Fadhlina ZAKARIA Key Concepts of Leadership in NephrologyZaki Morad MOHAMAD ZAHER
1420-1440 Fluid Control in PD patientsYi-Wen CHIU Common But Difficult to Tackle - Prevention & Treatment of Catheter Infection Rashidi SAIDIN Forum: Challenges and Struggles of Nephrologists Working in Different Regions in Malaysia
Chek Loong LOH
Wan Syamir Zharif WAN AHMAD KAMMAL,
Vinoth Kasi Rajan ATHMALINGAM
1440-1500 Reducing Infection Rates on PDEsther Zhao Zhi TAN Common But Not Achievable - Optimising Anaemia ManagementPaweena SUSANTITAPHONG
1500-1515 Q&A Q&A Q&A
  Grand Ballroom
1515-1600 COFFEE BREAK  (Banquet Hall)
MSN Ignite (BAYER) Meet the Expert: Finerenone as a Pillar in Addressing Residual Risk in Chronic Kidney Disease and Type 2 DiabetesSydney TANG
  Grand Ballroom Conference Hall 2 Conference Hall 1
State of the Art Symposium 5
Regional Society Chair: Soo Kun LIM &
Nor Fadhlina ZAKARIA
Patient & Carer Empowerment Chair: Selva Kumar SIVAPUNNIAM &
General Nephrology 5
Urology (MSN-MUA) Chair: Morris Chee Yuen WO &
Wan Zul Haikal Hafiz WAN ZUKIMAN
1600-1620 Home Hemodialysis  As A Promising Alternative in ANZ Yvonne SHEN Empowerment: Exploring Patients Behavior Dynamics Hariyati Shahrima ABDUL MAJID Approach to Complicated UTIChong Men LEONG
1620-1640 Dietary Lifestyle Changes Policy in ThailandSurasak KANTACHUVESIRI Patients' Expectation in Kidney CareKhairul Shazwali TAIB Obstructive Uropathy Across The AgesSyahril Anuar SALAUDDIN
1640-1700 A Structured CKD Care in Taiwan Yi-Wen CHIU Pre-dialysis EducationFatimah Hasanah MOHD RADZI Kidney Cysts and Its SignificanceShanggar KUPPUSAMY
1700-1715 Q&A Q&A Q&A
Tea Symposium 2
ROCHE Overlooking Issues in Pre-Dialysis Treatment PerspectivePaweena SUSANTITAPHONG Integrating Holistic Approaches in Renal Palliative CareRafidah ABDULLAH
  Conference Hall 1
1815-2000 MSN AGM

NRR Training Workshop
Conference Hall 3
* Session 1 (1015-1130)
** Session 2 (1400-1515)
Sunday, 28 July 2024
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
  Grand Ballroom
Plenary 4
Chair: Ruslinda MUSTAFAR Using Technologies for Optimisation in Kidney Care Chia-Te LIAO
Chair: Esther Zhao Zhi TAN / Rashidi SAIDIN Telemedicine is Beneficial for Our Future Nephrology Services Alexander Kok Yip CHOW (propose)
Yudisthra M GANESHADEVA (oppose)
1015-1100 COFFEE BREAK  (Banquet Hall)
MSN Ignite (NIPRO) Expanded Hemodialysis (HDx): Dialysis in EvolutionBehram Ali KHAN
State of the Art Symposium 6
Advances in Kidney Care Chair: Wan Ahmad Hafiz WAN MD ADNAN &
1100-1120 The Role of Genetic Testing in Kidney Care Sok Kun TAE
1120-1140 Renal Denervation in Controlling Difficult Hypertension Wan Azman WAN AHMAD
1140-1200 Remote Patient Monitoring: How It Benefits Patients Wan Hazlina WAN MOHAMAD
1200-1215 Q&A
1215-1245 Awards & Closing Ceremony
1245-1400 Lunch

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every attempt would be made to ensure all aspects of the Congress mentioned in the Programme will take place as scheduled, the Organising Committee takes no responsibility should it fail to materialize due to any unforeseen circumstances.